Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) - this is an autologous substance with multiplied, concentrated platelets in it (in compearison to the physiological ammount). Platelets are Growth Factors “carriers”. Growth factors - which become active after platelets activation - are the main factors cousing cells rebuilding improving and accelerating healing processes in a substantial ways. We use PRP treatments in many medicine areas like: Orthopeadics, Sport Medicine, Rheumatology, Aethetic Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology and others.

“A-PRP Novareg” is one of the most efficient methods for PRP harvesting. This is a very simple yet scientifically advanced and complete system allowing you to carry out the treatment process in a few simple steps within a very short time. Apart from that A-PRP Novareg is of the highest efficiency for the patient beacuse of its technology. It’s methodology is based on crucial for the treatment following facts:

Optimized platelets concertation factor (not too high, not too low). 

  • A-PRP Novareg system quaranties achiving optimized concentration factor which is between 2,5 - 4. There are number of reserches that can be found on the website of US National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health, showing that most effective concentration factor for the healing proceses is the one close to the physiologycal one. Other systems tend to reach very high concentration factors which is simply wrong. Getting higher concentration factors is simply possible by putting higher and higher RCF (Revolution Centrifugal Force). BUT    
    To get significant results of a treatment this is necessary to inject unbroken platelets under the skin to make them activate there. This is all about Growth Factors which are inside platelets (not platelets itself). So to secure Growth Factors to be released only after the injection we have to protect them during preparation process (mainly centrifugation time). The most damaging for platelets is RCF. If to high it makes the platelets broken yet during centrifugation which spark Growth Factors release inside the centrifugal tube. What we get in the result is up to 70% of platelets activated outside human body - and our treatment becomes inefficient at all. A-PRP Novareg utilizes resonably small RCF (around 400 g, 8 minutes centrifugal time) which quaranties achiving not less than 96% of concentrated platalets unbroken what secures Natural Activation after the injection inside the body.


Unbroken platelets after centrifugation        
(this is what A-PRP Novareg quarantees) 

Platelets activatation - Growth Factors 
releasing moment (inside healing place of a body) 

  • Natural activation. 

    Platelets activation must occure after injection under the skin of a patient body. This is the most appropriate moment for platelets activation and crucial for a treatment success. What is platelets activation ? When a platelet is injected under the skin of the patient it meets thrombocytes. The moment it happens (which is right after injection) injected platelets break down releasing Growth Factors awaiting inside. This is the main goal for a treatment to obtain as much unbroken pletelets before injection as possible. This is where the A-PRP Novareg system comes forward.
    A-PRP Novareg utilizes technology protecting platelets from damage during preparation time. Thanks to that what we get after the centrifugation are more than 96% of unbroken platelets. This is because A-PRP Novareg is structured the way a very slow, yet sufficient centrifugation force is implied for separation and concentration platelets process. 

Zgrupowane pÅ‚ytki      

Unbroken plateles --->>Releasing of Growth Factors (activation)--->>Intensive treatment starts 

Very efficient, save and simple yet technologically advanced. There are only a few simple steps to get the treatment done and achieve spectacular effects

1. Blood Harvesting
2. Centrifugation: platelets separation (8min)
3. Plateler Rich Plasma (PRP) Collection 
4. Administration --> Growth Factors releasing (platelets breaks, activation inside a healed place of a patient and intensive regeneration starts)

Why to choose A-PRP Novareg system watch the movie here

We are the first-hand manufacturer based in the EU. As a strict follower of very demanding EU norms and regulations we are offering the highest possible quality of PRP system.

A-PRP Novareg is the efficient, complete system for platelets collection, seperation and concentration.
Main A-PRP Novareg system characteristics:

- Very efficient, save and simple yet technologically advanced.
- Fully autologous process. No artificial activators, no artificial gel separators. Hence, no adverse effects
- Most efficient, optimized platelets concentration factor: 2,5 - 4.
- Not less than 96% platelets unbroken quaranteed.
- Platelets fully activated under the patient skin, inside the place being healed. Growth
- Factors released inside a cured place.
- Aspiration of 20 ml of blood which gives us 10 ml of plasma in average. Such a big
- Ammount of plasma gives us an opportunity to get more than one ill places treated at once (for examaple two knees).
- According to the table below it can be extracted and used 10 ml of plasma (PRP+PPP)


-  4 - 5 ml of PRP with concentration factor up to “4”.
- The A-PRP Novareg system is equiped the way a practitioner decides which treatment to choose. (watch the movie here)
- A-PRP Novareg Kit comprises two blisters. Blister “A” includes elements required for blood aspiration, Blister “B” includes elements for seperation and concentration platelets. This is very handy solution in case blood aspiration is impossible. Because both blisters are separated from each other and sterilized apart, by opening the Blister “A” you don’t desterilize Blister “B”. Hance, if the blood aspiration failes the Blister “B” can be used in the future at any moment and for any patient. 

Additionally we are offering centrifuges. Models we have in the offer are very handy, fully conform to the A-PRP Novareg system. They are not expensive yet very professionaly working centrifuges.